Dr. Adrian Yuen
Founder of 
Redemption Academy

When my children were younger, I made a decision to begin a private Christian school that would provide a warm, caring, and academically stimulating environment. In 1978, Redemption Academy was founded as The Good Shepherd School. Over twenty-five years later, Redemption Academy continues to serve the children of Hawaii and provide a caring and structured school. Redemption Academy is a small private Christian school. Our emphasis in this Christian school is that we teach our children, from preschool through high school, how to live positive and healthy lives. We also teach our young people those skills which are important to their development, survival, and success in the adult world.

Redemption Academy is the Lord's school. We encourage you to consider Redemption Academy for your children. Thank you for visiting our website.


Adrian Earl Yuen, Ph.D.
Founder & Dean 

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