Redemption Academy offers a high school program that can  include early college admission courses.

Redemption Academy high school students are able to take courses from Indiana University Independent Program in place of Redemption Academy's high school courses.  For example, a student at Redemption Academy is able to take an English course instead of our high school course in English and receive dual credits for college and high school.

College Courses During High School Program
Currently, Redemption Academy has adopted the opportunity for our students to earn their dual credits with Indiana University.  Please note that Redemption Academy does not claim to have a working agreement or relationship with Indiana University.  Students who choose to take up to nine credits for each of the four years can earn as much as 30 college credits by the time they graduate from Redemption Academy.

How Will This Work?
Students will be graded by Redemption Academy's teachers for completing the requirements of each course  separate from the grade received from the university.  Redemption Academy's instructors will assist the students in completing the university requirements as well as Redemption Academy's requirements so the students are able to earn both grades and receive dual credits.

More Info
For more information, contact Dr. Adrian Yuen at Please place the words "Indiana University" in the memo/subject field.


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