Enrollment Procedures
1.  Parents are to request an application packet which includes our current handbook.  

2.  Parents are sign the application and returned the signed application with a $35.00 application fee to the school.  Please note that we need a current picture of the student.  

3.  Interview:  Redemption Academy admissions team will call the parent and schedule a time for a face-to-face interview.  If the parent is on the Mainland, it is possible for us to schedule a telephone interview until the parent moves to Hawaii.  During the interview, the admissions team would like to review your child's current report card.  For the preschool through first grade, we need a copy of the child's birth certificate.

4.  Financial Review:  the financial comptroller will meet with the parent on the day of the interview to go over all financial cost for enrollment.

5.  Placement Test:  Redemption Academy tests students to determine their strengths and work areas in academic disciplines.  Only students who actually apply can be tested.

6.  Acceptance:  Redemption Academy will inform the parent when his or her child is accepted.  Other submissions will be required by the time of actual enrollment.  Those submissions include:  transcript, emergency forms, etc.

7.  Parents must sign all forms before the child can be fully accepted.  Parents must pay the non-refundable comprehensive fee before the application is fully accepted.

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