Support Services Program

Redemption Academy offers additional services and accommodations in order to address some of the needs of our students. Please note that while Redemption Academy will work closely with the parents of a child in this program, the program will be designed by an administrative team. The policies of this program will be to fully consider the welfare of the child and to include parental perspective and opinion.  However, the school administration reserves the right to review these accommodations and to modify them during the course of the school year with parents being informed.  Many of our accommodations are fluid in that they are reviewed monthly to quarterly in order to review the child’s specific needs, diagnostic concerns and disabilities, and our academic program which requires academic considerations for each grade.  Decisions are made to consider the child’s self-esteem and social integration, the child’s disability as reported in current evaluations made by licensed professionals, and to strengthen the child’s ability and need to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically.

When a student comes to us with an IEP or 504 Modifications, Redemption Academy will review the existing and current IEP or 504 and review with the parents certain accommodations the school feels it is able to implement.  Please note that Redemption Academy is not a special education school, so our students are in a regular classes.  Where possible, Redemption Academy reserves the right to have tutorial and support class sessions in order to assist the children with special needs in specific areas like reading, grammar, and math.

Redemption Academy is not obligated to implement an existing IEP or 504 normally, but it is our intention as a school to work with the unique learning conditions of all of our students, including those identified by the school and parents.

Parents will need to review our program and determine whether the existing program with our fluid accommodations is an appropriate placement for his or her child. In addition to accommodations, Redemption Academy will assign a monitor to review the accommodations and implementation. Please refer to FINANCES in order to note the additional charges for these additional services.  In most cases, the monitor will be our Student Service Coordinator or the homeroom teacher.

Some of the additional services offered include:

Student Service Coordination or Accommodations Monitoring:  The SSC will work with the administration and teachers in identifying and monitoring accommodations for the child.  The SSC will also represent Redemption Academy at any IEP or 504 meetings called by the host school of a child currently enrolled at Redemption Academy if our attendance is merited.  

Social Skills Coaching:  Redemption Academy offers a social skills group which assists the student in learning how to socialize and relate to other students at the school, other peers within the community, and with adults and family members.

Friendship Program:  Once a week, Redemption Academy will organize and implement a community-based event so students are able to develop friendships and relationships with one another and with adult professionals.  

Homework Club:  Students who need homework support will be able to remain one hour after school on selected days as part of the Homework Club.  Please note that the Homework Club is not a tutorial service.   

Educational Aide:  Students who need academic and learning coaching during the actual class time will be assigned an Educational Aide upon availability for $20.00 an hour. 

Workshops:  Students who need support in academic deficiencies will be required to attend our After School Workshops.

Intensive Tutoring:  Students who need one-on-one tutoring will have an opportunity to be tutored by other students who are trained to provide peer tutoring or with teachers for intensive tutoring.

 Special Education Cluster: Students in small groups may be placed in a small groups tutorial during the school day with a teacher trained in special education to teach reading, grammar, and math.   

Behavioral Health Consultation:  Students are able with the use of their own family insurance to receive mental health and behavioral health support services.  Redemption Academy uses the independent service of master's degree clinician, Tom Welter.  Tom Welter takes HMSA, TriCare, TriWest, Medicaid, Quest, Aloha Care, and most of the major insurances.

Neuropsychological Evaluation and Consultation:  Parents are able to have their children evaluated by Dr. Ann Palozzi, licensed psychologist in Hawaii.  Dr. Palozzi takes most insurances.  Dr. Palozzi’s office is in Kailua.  

Speech and Occupational Therapies:  Redemption Academy does not provide speech and occupational therapeutic support at the current time.  However, if a child has Speech and Occupational Therapies outside of the school, Redemption Academy will allow such therapeutic events to occur on our campus.  Time and room must be pre-arranged with the administration of the school, subject to teachers’ approval.  
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