Redemption Academy in conjunction with Redemption College Counseling Services provide specific testing services and Christian counseling.

Christian counseling is based on the Bible as God's Word and on the principles of the Christian worldview.  Redemption Academy and Redemption College Counseling Services respect psychological counseling and will refer students and their families to continue with their professional clinicians and physicians.

Tom Welter, master's degree clinician and doctoral intern in clinical psychology, will provide behavior health consultation for students who need additional behavioral support.

Regarding testing, Redemption Academy reserves the right to test students with parent consent in order to determine the relationship between the child's learning experience and other issues such as affect, emotions, and cognitive learning styles.  The test results will remain the property of Redemption Academy and will not be included in any student transfer.  The results of the testing will be used only to assist Redemption Academy in assisting the school administration in understanding the unique needs of the student.

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